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ENS name: roxandy.eth


 Coming soon on Opensea: Dreamworld: "You are like a Flower ..." The listing is on 15th September 2023

Inspired by Heinrich Heine's Lyrics: "Your are like a Flower ...": The lyrics from him was written in 1823/1824.

Fantasy version:

A traveller through the time was lost in a dark deep jungle. He was so tired, so he slept between big trees. 

He dreams from a sunny day and a meadow full with flowers ...

Some information about the Dreamwold Collection:

  •  When I red the lyrics from Heinrich Heine I was so impressed, so that I started to think about to paint nude paintings, which looks like flowers.
  • As an artist it is quite nomal that you think about NFT's. So I started to work with different computer programms. And then I was remembering Roy Lichtenstein. He painted pixeled artworks. So I decided to remaster my 9 orignal artworks in that way. 
  • The collection will be listed on the 15th of September. Some items will be free, so dont's miss the date of the listing. 
  • If you are interested in the newest information, you can follow me on Twitter.

This are the Original artworks, which are the base of my Dreamworld Collection: "Your are like a Flower ...":


Proud to be a new creator on KnownOrigin - the NFT artist plattform Known Origin : Roxandy